Jun. 23rd, 2007


Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:12 pm
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Nicely productive day so far today:

Pre-ordered A Dog's Breakfast (David Hewlitt's film, written, produced, directed by and starring) on Amazon. I am so excited that this is coming out in September. It won best film and best actor at the Stratford Film Festival and apparently is being shown at Glasonbury this weekend. The poor guy has been working very hard to promote this film, along with working fulltime on Atlantis, and I really hope it does well for him.

While I was at it, I also pre-ordered Atlantis S3 and Supernatural S2. Everything is coming out in September!

Discovered my cell phone contract had expired (oops), so I trotted over to the Cell Phone Store to renew the contract and upgrade my very crappy cell phone to a new and shiny one, which is costing me next to the nothing with the mail-in rebate, and I discovered that as a government worker I get a discount on my monthly bill on top of that. Yay! Then spent an unbelievably long time trying to figure out how to program said phone once I got home. I use various and sundry (and fairly complicated) software and other electronic devices every day, but for some reasons cell phones are a mystery when I try to wrestle them into submission. But, IM set up, text messaging set up, voice mail set up, and all my contacts are in place. We're not going to talk about the photo I took of my foot as I was doing all this...

I think I deserve a cup of tea. And I also think I deserve to begin 'Tulip Fever' by Deborah Moggach which just arrived.

And just because I can...


Some of [personal profile] elgrey's beautiful roses from her beautiful garden.


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