Jul. 2nd, 2007

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It was a very productive weekend and Changes Were Made. After sitting down and evaluating some things, I came to the realization that I never really use my home phone. I have one because I used to have dial-up and then I had broadband, and even after I had a cell phone it never really occurred to me not to have a land-line phone because...well, I've always had one. But I have noticed that more and more people are just relying on cell phones. And, to be honest, most of the calls I seem to get on my home number are sales calls. So I made some changes.

It really all started when I renewed my cell phone contract and upgraded my phone. It's not an iPhone *g*; it wasn't even all that expensive, costing me about $10 with a rebate, but it is very spiffy, and I spent a lot of time this weekend shuffling things around and putting people into groups and inputting all kinds of handy information to have at my fingertips.

Then I did some comparisons and found I could switch to internet cable for what I am paying for my phone (most basic service they have) plus broadband. So I switched to internet cable and blazing speed. I mean, I thought broadband was fast, but it is nothing compared to cable. So all that cleared the way for me canceling my phone and broadband service today. Of course, it's never that easy. It took me about 7 automated menus and 20 minutes of hold time until I finally got to speak to a human, and then she was appalled I wanted to cancel my phone!! What if something happens? What if I lose my cell phone? What if I need to dial 911?? And she didn't give up there; she tried to talk me back round to service every step of the way, bless her. But it's done, it's canceled. And for literally the first time in my life, I have no land-line phone. It feels...strange. And yet, the cable internet is so worth it!

And now I have officially become one of those people I used to jeer at: the ones who compulsively keep their cell phones with them at all times. But I will never become one of those people you see happily driving along as they hold a cell phone to one ear and barely keep one eye on the road as they keep up with their phone conversation. I have enough turning up the volume on my car radio while driving...
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In my sister's hanging flower basket on her front porch. Aww.


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