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In Joe Mallozzi's blog today,    he posted some diagrams of Sheppard and McKay's quarters on Atlantis for S4. In one of the prop notations for McKay's quarters was 'Turtles in a Terrarium'. I'm pretty darned sure we haven't seen any turtles there before, so I'm hoping these are Carson's wee turtles that Rodney has now inherited and is looking after. Aww.

And moving from wee turtles to giant penguins, this just in, courtesy of the BBC:

Tropical giant penguin discovered

By Neil Bowdler

BBC science reporter

A giant penguin that preferred the tropics to the southern oceans has been discovered by a team of scientists.

The fossilised remains of the animal, which lived some 36 million years ago, were found in what is today Peru. At 1.5m (5ft) tall, the penguin looked quite different from its modern-day cousins, a report in PNAS journal says. It had a long protracted skull and what its discoverers are describing as a grossly elongated beak that was spear-like in appearance.

 The Icadyptes salasi penguin would dwarf all the penguins who walk the planet today. It would have stood head and shoulders over the emperor and the king penguins of the southern seas.  Its well-preserved skeleton was discovered in the Department of Ica on the southern coast of Peru along with the remains of as many as four other previously undiscovered penguin species, all of which appear to have preferred the tropics for colder climes.

Now that's a penguin who might give a leopard seal a run for its money. :)

Whole article here:



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