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This is my squee! for the S4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis tonight!  I am so excited about Season 4! I have done very well in avoiding spoilers for the upcoming season (with the exception of the few that have been all over the place and, really, if you're on the internet there was no way to avoid them), and am just so looking forward to it. I'm even okay about the changes. I mean, I wasn't thrilled when I heard about some of them, but I was happy with the characters they had. Still, my favorite character is still on the show - the City itself, in all her stained-glass glory. And they're still in the Pegasus Galaxy and still fighting for their survival and all of them are misfits who left Earth behind, bless them, and are making a life for themselves and doing their best to keep each other safe. I just really hope the ratings are good enough to bring a fifth season, because I think they have a lot of stories yet to tell.

And in other news...Mall Walking! This week I logged 7.81 miles (24,948) steps before work, which is making me very happy even if I do have to leave earlier in the mornings to get it accomplished. I've come to really look foward to that 35-40 minutes of walking with my iPod and nodding to the other 'regulars' at oh-dark-hundred in the mall. Using this week's mileage as a baseline, I'm now going to strive to raise that for the next week.

But in the meantime: Stargate Atlantis! Squee!

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Date: 2007-09-28 08:48 pm (UTC)
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Well done with the mall walking! I'm trying to imagine myself striding round the Harlequin shopping centre and failing. It would have to involve half an hour of drooling over Lush products followed up by a vigorous scurry to M & S cafe for a hot chocolate. I don't think Harlequin is open that early and I can't imagine people using it for exercising. Maybe there's a whole secret world of Harlequin walkers out there.

I hope SGA does well enough to get renewed. The thought of there not being an incarnation of Stargate is just too sad to contemplate. As long as there's a Stargate show out there, my favourites are off having adventures. I just can't see them. :-)

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Date: 2007-09-28 11:30 pm (UTC)
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I admit, the first time I mall-walked I did stare in all the store windows. But since then it's really more about getting in the zone with my music. :) And you might be surprised about the possible Harlequin walkers out there! I know I was amazed at the community lurking inside my local mall that early in the morning. And there's something comforting about greeting the 'regulars' as you pass them along the way.

Have you watched any SGA - other than the ones [ profile] elgrey and I forced you to watch when we were all together? I need to get you indoctrinated. :) The stargate on Atlantis is very pretty...


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