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But it still takes me by surprise and I'm still stunned and dismayed when I learn my favorite show has been canceled. My Stargate fandom goes back to SG1, of course, but I drifted away from that show mid-run due to the fact I'd stopped enjoying it, and then discovered Stargate Atlantis in season two. I quickly caught up and very quickly fell in love with it and the characters. It went through a lot of changes, cast-wise, but I'd long since learned to roll with the punches when it came to fandom and TV shows, so I was okay with them. And the ratings were dong well this season, so I was really hoping there would be a season six, although the odds were against it. But, then, the odds of any TV show lasting five years and 100 episodes isn't good these days, so I consider myself very lucky in the five years we did get. And I can honestly say I have loved every season of the show and just about every episode, which is something I haven't been able to say about every show I've loved. When a show stops entertaining me, I walk away, and I've never had to do that with SGA. So, along with my disappointment, I'm pleased I've been happy with it all along and am not left with the mixed feelings i still have about SG1.

So, here's to ya, SGA! You rock my world, and thanks to fandom and all the talented, wonderful, sharing fans out there, I'm sure you will continue to rock my world for a very long time.
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