Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:12 pm
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Nicely productive day so far today:

Pre-ordered A Dog's Breakfast (David Hewlitt's film, written, produced, directed by and starring) on Amazon. I am so excited that this is coming out in September. It won best film and best actor at the Stratford Film Festival and apparently is being shown at Glasonbury this weekend. The poor guy has been working very hard to promote this film, along with working fulltime on Atlantis, and I really hope it does well for him.

While I was at it, I also pre-ordered Atlantis S3 and Supernatural S2. Everything is coming out in September!

Discovered my cell phone contract had expired (oops), so I trotted over to the Cell Phone Store to renew the contract and upgrade my very crappy cell phone to a new and shiny one, which is costing me next to the nothing with the mail-in rebate, and I discovered that as a government worker I get a discount on my monthly bill on top of that. Yay! Then spent an unbelievably long time trying to figure out how to program said phone once I got home. I use various and sundry (and fairly complicated) software and other electronic devices every day, but for some reasons cell phones are a mystery when I try to wrestle them into submission. But, IM set up, text messaging set up, voice mail set up, and all my contacts are in place. We're not going to talk about the photo I took of my foot as I was doing all this...

I think I deserve a cup of tea. And I also think I deserve to begin 'Tulip Fever' by Deborah Moggach which just arrived.

And just because I can...


Some of [personal profile] elgrey's beautiful roses from her beautiful garden.
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I know some here are big Boston Legal (Alan/Denny) fans, and on one of the comms someone just rec'd an Alan/Denny songvid. There's a whole page of songvids, so I thought I'd put it here for anyone ([info]elgrey I'm looking at you...) who can't have enough songvids:


Jun. 21st, 2007 07:32 am
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Interestingly enough, there are a few of us who actually entered a fandom by way of a fanvid. Both
[personal profile] ivadel 
and I first investigated SGA by way of vids, and  [personal profile] elgrey  fell for Wesley Wyndham-Pryce via a songvid. So I thought I’d mention a few of my very favorite SGA vids in case anyone else was interested in seeing any of them, and am happy to take recs from others in any fandoms.

 The first SGA vid I saw was Stress, featuring the inimitable Rodney McKay. A very, very funny songvid set to Stress by Jim’s Big Ego. (The artist’s name always makes me chuckle, because there’s a certain minion in my life whose name is Jim and who has a Very Big Ego Indeed.)
But at present my absolute favorite SGA songvid is The Fate of Atlantis:

The vidder, Merathanel, did an incredible job of editing and set it to an amazing song that fit it in every possible way. It’s a complete team vid, everyone’s included, and Atlantis itself plays a large part. Just a beautiful, sweeping vid that I can (and do) watch over and over. The song is: The Mass by ERA.
Welcome to the Black Parade by Chemical Romance:

This is a very atmospheric vid by Kitakatzz, done in black and white, featuring John Sheppard. I find it so very poignant every time I watch it because there are certain phrases that just seem to suit him so well. In fact, all the lyics seem to fit John Sheppard to a ‘T’, but every time I get to:  I'm just a man, I'm not a hero, Just a boy, who's meant to sing this song, I really want to give him a hug.
On the Radio by Regina Specktor. This was a songvid made for the SGA fic, Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose. I broke my long-standing rule and read this deathfic, and it’s stayed with me ever since. It’s a very compelling, hard-hitting story and the vid fits it perfectly.
Grace Kelly by Mika:

I love this song so much and I was just waiting for someone to do a vid to it, and Diana Williams did. When I first heard the song I wondered how many people in the US would get the ‘So I try a little Freddie’ line, but the vidder obviously did. Just a very cute vid with terrific editing and a great song.
A Hard Rain’s a’Gonna Fall by Roxy Music:

Step aside Bob Dylan! This is now my absolutely favorite version of this song! The vidder, Derry, used the song as the backdrop to a vid about The Storm and The Eye and it is perfect in every way.
I’ve got lots and lots of SGA vids that I love and rewatch, falling into every possible category, but the above are the ones that I find myself going back to time and time again. If anyone wants any of these, just let me know. And now...I'm open to other suggestions. :)


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Since several of you have had LJ's for some time and have used them quite a lot, I have to ask: 

Has anyone thought of doing this? Or have you done it? Does anyone think it's worthwhile? For the record, I'm not planning on doing it (unless someone could really convince me it was worth it). I just wondered how popular it is or was, especially with the huge LJ kerfluffle of a few weeks ago:

That's right, for only $150 you can get LiveJournal for life. Check out the benefits:
All the cool features offered to Paid Accounts
  • 10GB of storage, the most that we offer
  • No ads in your journal or LJ (as long as you're logged in, of course)
  • The highest limit of userpics available – right now it's 138 and it's always increasing
  • Never worry about making another payment!
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Clever, fatalist, deep. Sympathetic, generous, loving and perseverant in proving their view point

Colors: male: sienna, female: crimson
Compatible Signs:
Bastet, Isis
May 8 - May 27, Jun 29 - Jul 13

Role: God of death and mummification
Jackal or a jackal-headed man
Sacred animals:

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

TV Shows

Jun. 19th, 2007 08:59 am
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[personal profile] sg1scriberecently asked in an email if I have a current favorite TV show and what I might be watching these days, so I thought I'd make it a post so I could answer her question and invite everyone else to provide their own likes and dislikes.

Stargate: Atlantis
is currently the show I most look forward to on TV. This was a show I had no interest in watching until I saw a songvid (It was 'Stress' featuring the one and only Doctor Rodney McKay). It sent me off scrambling to get the S1 episodes, and I have to admit, I was hooked from the very first episode. The setting of Atlantis captivated me, and it turned out to be one of those rare TV shows where I truly love every single character. To me, it's just a pleasure to sit down and watch an episode, and after emerging battle-scarred and weary from SG1 fandom, I've found SGA fandom (at least on LJ which is where I seek it out) to be a cheery, polite, upbeat, very creative place and a wonderful place to relax and enjoy fandom again. There are some Big Changes coming in S4, but I’ve learned (I hope) not to prejudge things and to just take it as it comes. If it turns out I don’t like what they do in S4, I’ll stop watching. It will be disappointing, but one thing I have learned is that there is always something else out there.

I've watched every episode and really enjoy the show, but while I was visiting [personal profile] elgrey, we sat down and re-watched a S1 episode and it reminded me how truly fond I am of this show. Another show that is just a pleasure to watch. I feel no need to join any fandoms, and I don't read the fanfic; I just enjoy watching it for the sheer pleasure.

This is a tricky one. During this last season I've more often than not wanted to throw bricks at the TV while this was airing (aiming specifically for Dr. Gregory House's head), but I can't not watch it. It's compelling viewing. I want to know what happens next, even if I end up banging my head against the wall when I find out. I don't think I've ever watched a TV show quite the way I watch House. *g*

Without a Trace
. I have to admit, the show isn't compelling me the way it used to, but it still has Martin Fitzgerald in it, and I do like all the characters, even though I do find Elena superfluous in almost every episode. I'll keep watching, but not with the excitement I used to have.

Another show I enjoy. It's interesting, it's different, it's exciting, I'm caught up in the storylines. I hope they can keep it going like they did in S1.

The Riches
. This is a wonderfully black comedy starring Eddie Izzard, and I highly recommend it to anyone. It reminds me a bit of Six Feet Under with that same type of dark humor. I am completely captivated by it, and it has gotten lots of great PR here in the States. I'm really looking forward to what comes in the next season.

The Discovery Channel
. Mythbusters! Deadliest Catch! Man vs Wild! (Hey, have you *seen* this guy? His name is Bear! He’s British! He lives in a houseboat in London. There is no way you cannot love this guy.) I loves me my Discovery Channel.

Shows/series I have on disk to watch, but haven't yet:

The Tudors
. I've watched the first two episodes to far, and they were excellent. I am totally looking forward to the rest of the season.

 Deadwood, Seasons 2 and 3. I loved S1, but I do have to be in the mood for it. It's a very well produced and well acted series, and when I watch it I'm sure I will be caught up in it again. Just not in the mood at the moment.

The Dresden Files. I haven't actually heard a lot of feedback on this show, but I've got it on disk ready to watch.
Robin Hood. Again, I haven't heard a ton about this one, but I'll give any series about Robin Hood a try.

Shows I Tried to Like, but Gave Up On:

I really really tried to like it, but I couldn't get past the dull dull characters or the dull dull scripts. I'm very disappointed that I didn't love it, because I so wanted to.

I gave up mid-season two. I may wait until the entire series has run and then rent the DVDs and watch it all the way through in hopes it makes more sense than it was when I was watching it week to week.

Doctor Who. The jury's still out on this one. I may try again, but I wasn't exactly captivated, although that may have had a lot to do with Rose, about whom the less said the better.

What I'm currently watching via Netflix: Shogun, starring Richard Chamberlain. So far, excellent.

 So, how about everyone else? What are you watching? What have you given up on? Any recommendations? Have I missed anything I should be giving a try?


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Meet Madge and Fay, who live with the wonderful [info]elgrey in her little corner of the world.

Cuteness, thy name is Madge. And yes, Fay, you are still the fairest of them all...

My first introduction to Italian Greyhounds was to walk into a room to find little doggies flying through the air, only to land unerringly in your lap the moment you sat down.

I just got back from a wonderful, wonderful (and much too short!) visit with The Most Wonderful [info]elgrey  in her corner of the world, where she was the most perfect hostess ever with the most beautiful garden. Much tea was consumed, much chocolate eaten, many walks taken, and the time went far too fast.

Also in attendance was the splendiferous [info]ankhsign  who was kind and generous enough to pick me up at the airport and drive me clear across the UK. She was able to spend a couple of days with us, but again, the time went far too fast for my liking.

I'm already planning my next visit in a year...


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You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.
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Or rather, a new journal as [personal profile] foliogal. My old LJ -- free account [profile] bka0711is still up at this point. But I haven't updated it in ages. I've sprung for a paid account because I wanted to be able to do some other things, like post some photos, and perhaps, perhaps, it can prompt me to be a bit more active in LJ. In time, I may shut the other account down, but for now I need to set this one up with all the communities I belong to and watch and notify my Friends that I still want to be Friends, just under a new name. :) And hey! There are little thingies at the top of this to help me the formatting! Who knew? Well, probably everyone on LJ but me... But now that I'm paying for it I will definitely try to pay more attention. And, you know, actually post...



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