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But it still takes me by surprise and I'm still stunned and dismayed when I learn my favorite show has been canceled. My Stargate fandom goes back to SG1, of course, but I drifted away from that show mid-run due to the fact I'd stopped enjoying it, and then discovered Stargate Atlantis in season two. I quickly caught up and very quickly fell in love with it and the characters. It went through a lot of changes, cast-wise, but I'd long since learned to roll with the punches when it came to fandom and TV shows, so I was okay with them. And the ratings were dong well this season, so I was really hoping there would be a season six, although the odds were against it. But, then, the odds of any TV show lasting five years and 100 episodes isn't good these days, so I consider myself very lucky in the five years we did get. And I can honestly say I have loved every season of the show and just about every episode, which is something I haven't been able to say about every show I've loved. When a show stops entertaining me, I walk away, and I've never had to do that with SGA. So, along with my disappointment, I'm pleased I've been happy with it all along and am not left with the mixed feelings i still have about SG1.

So, here's to ya, SGA! You rock my world, and thanks to fandom and all the talented, wonderful, sharing fans out there, I'm sure you will continue to rock my world for a very long time.
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Stargate Atlantis won the People's Choice Award! This is an award voted on by the fans, and it was up against Doctor Who and BSG. So, go them! It was totally well deserved, and the little taped acceptance speech by Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Rachel Lutrell and Jewel Stait was much fun. In my own opinion, this is their best season yet and I'm really pleased that the fans came out for them. :)

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I recently had a yearning to re-read books I first read when I was, shall we say, young and innocent. So I dug through my bookshelf and started with Orwell's 1984. That book still has the power to scare me. In fact, I think it scares me even more now than it did when I was young, probably because I'm just cynical enough now to believe something like that can happen. It was fascinating to read it with some life experience behind me this time around, so after I was finished with that I moved on to Fahrenheit 451. This book still has the power to make me feel sick and cold in the stomach. I readily remember the horror I felt the first time I read it, that a society would *burn books*.  But this time around I took something else from it, something from the Coda Mr. Bradbury added which I found even more eerily appropriate now than when he originally wrote it:

"There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches. Every minority, be it Baptist / Unitarian, Irish / Italian / Octogenarian / Zen / Buddhist, Zionist / Seventh-day / Adventist, Women's Lib / Republican, Mattachine / FourSquareGospel feels it has the will, the right, the duty to douse the kerosene, light the fuse."

Bless you, Mr. Bradbury. Not only are groups still trying to hold the match to books, but they are also doing it to TV shows and movies. Because, you know, other people obviously aren't competent enough to decide for themselves what they want to watch and read...

So what's up next? I pulled a few yellowed and worn paperbacks from my shelf and am trying to make the decision: Lord of the Flies or Animal Farm? Or perhaps The Lathe of Heaven? (Hmm. Apparently at one point in my life I could actually read the teeny tiny print in this book...) I think perhaps Lord of the Flies. My goodness, it's been decades since I've read that one. And, along with all this, I  am totally itching to re-read one of my favorite books of all times, Watership Down. And one of my other favorites, Good Omens. For some reason, this time of the year always makes me want to return to 'comfort reading', whether it be fanfic or novels, like I'm wrapping myself up warm with them, and these are two of my all-time favorite comfort reads.

Does anyone else have comfort reads? Novels you return to time and time again like a trusted friend?

So many books, never enough timeā€¦

Oh, while I'm rambling on, let me just say that this season of Stargate: Atlantis has ROCKED. There were so many things that could have been oh-so-wrong with this season, with cast changes, but it has been the best season so far, in my opinion. I can honestly say that I have been immensely entertained all season so far, and I loves my show!

And before I forget, a book recommendation: World War Z by Max Brooks. It's like The Stand with zombies. Kind of. I couldn't put it down, seriously.


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According to Variety on-line and word spreading across the internet...

SGA has been renewed for a fifth season and 20 more episodes. Let the yay's begin! I am so, so happy about this. I hope it picks up steam and improves its ratings, but in any event, I am very grateful for another season and shall be celebrating with tea and dark chocolate all day. :)

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This is my squee! for the S4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis tonight!  I am so excited about Season 4! I have done very well in avoiding spoilers for the upcoming season (with the exception of the few that have been all over the place and, really, if you're on the internet there was no way to avoid them), and am just so looking forward to it. I'm even okay about the changes. I mean, I wasn't thrilled when I heard about some of them, but I was happy with the characters they had. Still, my favorite character is still on the show - the City itself, in all her stained-glass glory. And they're still in the Pegasus Galaxy and still fighting for their survival and all of them are misfits who left Earth behind, bless them, and are making a life for themselves and doing their best to keep each other safe. I just really hope the ratings are good enough to bring a fifth season, because I think they have a lot of stories yet to tell.

And in other news...Mall Walking! This week I logged 7.81 miles (24,948) steps before work, which is making me very happy even if I do have to leave earlier in the mornings to get it accomplished. I've come to really look foward to that 35-40 minutes of walking with my iPod and nodding to the other 'regulars' at oh-dark-hundred in the mall. Using this week's mileage as a baseline, I'm now going to strive to raise that for the next week.

But in the meantime: Stargate Atlantis! Squee!
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Oh, my. Geeks in leather. Come on, September 28!  I think I'm of the opinion now that geeks should always wear leather...

I am just so looking forward to SGA S4. I know there have been a lot of changes, I know I may end up not liking some of them, but I just feel this excitement, and I'm willing to go with the flow. I enjoy the show as a whole, and I love the whole idea of the City of Atlantis. In fact, I think the only way I'd stop watching would be if they actually blew up the City and we never got to see it again. When the production finally shuts down (not for a long time, I hope) I want to buy the set and move in. :) In the meantime, I've got Geeks in Leather to keep me occupied. Now, if they'd only put Zelenka in leather...

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[profile] ankh_lj was just talking about bad DVD boxset artwork yesterday, and lo and behold, I've found yet another example. Behold the Stargate: Atlantis S3 DVD artwork:

They've put a gun in Rodney's hands! (This man doesn't need a gun, he can kill you with his brain.) They look like they're trying to squeeze through an old tire! And what the heck is that expression on Ronon's face supposed to be about? Tight fit through the tire? Arrgh. And poor Teyla is just standing there at the back without her sticks. But...they put a P90 in Rodney's hands! That is just wrong on every level. Just...stop it, people. Hire someone who understands these shows and characters and knows a little bit about, oh I don't know, artistic placement maybe? Thank goodness once the DVDs are on my bookshelf I only have to look at the spines.


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