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This is my squee! for the S4 premiere of Stargate Atlantis tonight!  I am so excited about Season 4! I have done very well in avoiding spoilers for the upcoming season (with the exception of the few that have been all over the place and, really, if you're on the internet there was no way to avoid them), and am just so looking forward to it. I'm even okay about the changes. I mean, I wasn't thrilled when I heard about some of them, but I was happy with the characters they had. Still, my favorite character is still on the show - the City itself, in all her stained-glass glory. And they're still in the Pegasus Galaxy and still fighting for their survival and all of them are misfits who left Earth behind, bless them, and are making a life for themselves and doing their best to keep each other safe. I just really hope the ratings are good enough to bring a fifth season, because I think they have a lot of stories yet to tell.

And in other news...Mall Walking! This week I logged 7.81 miles (24,948) steps before work, which is making me very happy even if I do have to leave earlier in the mornings to get it accomplished. I've come to really look foward to that 35-40 minutes of walking with my iPod and nodding to the other 'regulars' at oh-dark-hundred in the mall. Using this week's mileage as a baseline, I'm now going to strive to raise that for the next week.

But in the meantime: Stargate Atlantis! Squee!
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I tried something new this morning: I went to the local mall before work and did mall-walking. Wow. It's like, joining a sekrit society! There's a whole community of mall-walkers out there at 6:45 in the morning! Who knew? When I first went into the mail, I went into a side entrance and it was pretty quiet, except for some kind of beeping alarm coming from one of the closed stores. At first I thought I might be alone, because there wasn't anyone around, and I started to get a little nervous. Sure there had been cars in the parking lot, but who knew what might be waiting for me, alone inside the Big Empty Scary Mall...? Then I turned a corner, a a white-haired granny sped past me, arms pumping, a look of grim determination on her face; she gave me a nod and disappeared in a cloud of dust. I soon came across the rest of the community. Pairs, singles, what I think was a father (or grandfather) and young man, older, younger, silver-haired, not-silver-haired, mp3 players. All of them giving me a cheery hello as I passed them going in the other direction, their coats slung over the horses on a nearby mini merry-go-round as they did their routine. I plugged in my iPod and went on my way, giving others the wave/hello/nod in turn as we passed each other. The mall was playing piped in music, but I preferred my own, having made a playlist of upbeat music to walk fast to. Did 1.2 miles in just under a half hour, which is decent, but not great, but a good first time out for me, and then made it to work on time. Doing this means I need to leave home more than a half hour earlier than normal, but I'm going to try to shoot for at least 3 times a week, and more if I can make it out the door in time. It was fun, I got to listen to some of my favorite music, and it made me feel better and more energized before starting my day. Living in an apartment, I'm pretty limited as to what I can do for exercise that early in the morning without the downstairs neighbor banging on my floor, so this seems like a really good solution. Go, me! :)


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